"I tend to like things that already exist."

Jasper Johns

After Image Experiment 1 (American Flag)

2010, painted flat and molded paper, 80" x 30"

In a visual trick often reproduced in basic science texts, observers who stare at a green, black and yellow "American flag" will see a red, white and blue after image when they quickly change their gaze to a blank white space. Here, the green, black and yellow flag is shown flying and instead of a simple blank white space for the second part of the experiment, the viewer looks to a white three-dimensional molded shape of a flying flag. Thus, the after image – a purely two-dimensional phenomenon – is forced to contort to accommodate the three-dimensional form.

After Image Flag


Ghost Flag

2008, found papers, 11" x 14"

The America flag rendered in transparent paper, a nod to Mosaic Flag and Mapplethorpe's photograph.

Ghost Flag


Metallic Flags

2007, metallic adhesive vinyl, grommets, each 5' x 3'

In contrast to the Mosaic Flag, this flag not only lets no light through, but reflects light. These six flags, installed a the base of the Brooklyn Bridge as part of Dumbo Art Center's Down Under the Bridge Festival, offer a ruby, silver and sapphire mirror alternative to red, white and blue cloth.

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Metallic Flags 1

In addition to the Dumbo installation, one of the flags was featured at the North Dakota AMVETS State Commander, Auxiliary President and Sad Sacks recognition banquet, February 2013, West Fargo VFW Post #7564.

VFW West Fargo

State AMVETS Auxiliary President Tyann Schlenker poses with a Metallic Flag at the West Fargo VFW Post #7564.

Mosaic Flag

1996, painted corrugated plastic, plastic security ties, 6' x 4'

Inspired by Robert Mapplethorpe's 1977 black and white photograph of an American flag made transparent by a setting sun, this flag purposely exploits transparency by piecing together translucent abstract shapes to render an American flag reminiscent of a flexible stained glass window. Installed at Socrates Sculpture Park's winter 1996 show.

Mosaic Flag


Flying Flag Flying

1995, painted cloth, 6' x 4'

After a classic image of an American flag flying in the breeze was painted on a rectangular cloth, grommets were added to allow the image to be flown from a flagpole as a flag. While it was on the pole it was difficult to ascertain if ripples were real or painted. Installed at Socrates Sculpture Park's on the banks of New York City's East River, the flag was stolen, a rare instance of artwork ever stolen from the park.

Flying Flag Flying 1

Flying Flag Flying 2

flying flag flying 3