"The only real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes."

Marcel Proust

Texas State Capitol

2015, paper collage 17"X22"



Tour Eiffel

2012, found papers, 18" x 24"

Tour Eiffel collage


Tuscan Landscape

2011, found papers, 50" x 35"

Tuscan landscape collage


Disney Concert Hall

2008, found papers, 42" x 30"

The use of foil in this collage results in the look of the piece to change, depending upon the angle from which it is viewed. Please click this link to view other images of this collage.

Disney Hall 1

Chrysler Building

2009, found papers, 37" x 54"

Like the Disney Hall piece, the use of foil in this collage results in the look of the piece to change, depending upon the angle from which it is viewed. Please click this link to see additional images of the Chrysler Building collage.

Chrysler Building 1

Queensboro Bridge

2009, found papers, 30" x 42"

Queens view, looking west and north. This landlocked version represents how many New Yorkers typically experience the bridge – a structure that looms over a streetscape. It's honest and a bit brusque, but offers its own lyrical beauty, an heroic vertical view with a looming presence that emphasizes bridge's size and power. Street below with view of traffic, trees, traffic lights and street lamps provide urban context. Created for the New York Bridge Centennial Commission.

Queensboro Bridge

Late Spring Dusk and Summer Dusk

Both from 2009, found papers, each 24" x 18"

Two backyard views in Georgia.

Late Spring Dusk Summer Dusk

Florida Palms

2009, found papers, 30" x 42"

An imagined landscape.

Florida Palms

The Four Seasons

(Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall)

2006-2007, found papers, each 44" x 32"

Each collage consists of 54 four-inch squares separated by a quarter-inch space and laid out in a nine-by-six grid. Some of these squares contain hundreds of bits of paper, others just a single piece of color. The collages cultivate both the cliché and power of the four seasons concept, which, while facile, nonetheless offers a potent visual metaphor and an intrinsically compelling story.

Winter Spring

Summer Fall

Plane View (1)

2010, found papers, 37" x 54"

(Awarded Best in Show at the Atlanta Collage Society's "Before The Ferst Cut" at Georgia Tech's Ferst Center for the Performing Arts, January 2011. Click here to read the the Artist Statement.)

Plane View

Golden Gate and Lake Tahoe

Both from 2008, found papers, each 17" x 14"

Created on site during a cross-country road trip in spring 2008.

Golden Gate Bridge

Lake Tahoe


1988, shredded, hand-colored and found papers, 11" x 14"

Created on site, but a lack of available found blue paper for the sky led to using pastels to create blue paper later torn into pieces for the sky.

Negril, Jamaica

Moon Over Mt. Diablo

2004, found papers, 9" x 6"

Moon Over Mt. Diablo

Sutro Tower

2000, found papers, 14" x 18"

Sutro Tower

Manhattan Skyline

1995, found papers, 87" x 28"

Manhattan Skyline

Please click this link to see more detailed images of this collage.

Money Globe

1991, money and found papers, 8" diameter

Money Globe