Chrysler Building

2009, found papers, 37" x 54"

The exacting formality of the Chrysler Building, shown here at various angles to reveal the play of light on the bright foil posterboard that constitutes the majority of the building's materials, is offset by a chaotic cataclysm of blue and white papers – mostly litter and junk mail – that make up the sky (note 'sky detail' image). The building is so compelling (indeed, gaudy), that the riotous visual cacophony of the sky serves to force the viewer to shift focus between building and sky. Foil papers are cut, folded and layered to evoke the architectural conceits of the building itself (see 'building detail' image). Like the Disney Concert Hall landscape, the foil paper causes the look of the building to change depending on light, just as it is with the actual Chrysler Building.

Chrysler Building 1


Chryslter Building 2 Chrysler Buildiong 3 small

Chrysler Building Details

Chrysler Building Sky Details