NYC DOT Gets "Blotto"

Launched in June 2013, a PSA public installion for the New York City Department of Transportation featuring John Morse's "Blotto" was shown on 4' x 3' posters at city-owned parking garages and 140 telephone kiosks in Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx. Based on the personality/intelligence inkblot tests made famous by Rorschach over a century ago, the image aims to prod self-realization of the dangers of drinking and driving. "The L Magazine",a Brooklyn news site, described Blotto as "Arty, Terrifying."

Blotto Phone Booth

A Blotto installation on a phone kiosk in Brooklyn Heights, June 2013. (Photo courtesy Steven R. Smith.) Other venues include posters at city-owned parking facilities, Jumbotrons at the stadiums of New York's minor league baseball teams in Staten Island and Brooklyn, as well as every coaster and napkin served with beverage at baseball games that summer.

Blotto Campaign, NYC DOT, 2013